Woman Snorkeling In A Remote Lake Comes Face To Face With Mysterious Creatures

The Republic of Palau is a country located across 250 remote islands in the middle of the western Pacific Ocean. On one of these islands, there is a remote marine lake named Jellyfish Lake that is home to millions of golden jellyfish that migrate across the lake every day.

Scuba diving isn’t allowed in the lake: the anoxic layer that begins at about 15m deep in the lake contains high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, which can be absorbed through the skin of a diver and is extremely dangerous (and even lethal).

Still, a snorkeler named Nana Trongratanawong decided to take her chances and dove in wearing an HD GoPro camera – and the footage is incredibly surreal. See it for yourself! [Source: Nana Trongratanawong]

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