Diver Shares A Magical Bond With Spotted Moray Eel And People Can’t Get Enough

One of the most fulfilling parts of life is meeting new friends. Friendships between animals and humans can also form over time, as well. Just because we encounter a different species doesn’t mean they’re incapable of reciprocating the love and affection we show them. Some of these inter-species friendships, however, may surprise us more than others.

Valerie Taylor, a famed Australian diver and ocean conservationist, had been diving near Banda Island, Indonesia, for years. One day, she came across a spotted moray eel on such a dive. At first, the eel hid away in the reef, but over the course of a few years and dozens of dives, something incredible happened between the two. Take a look! [Credit: Central Florida Aquarium Society]

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