Wife Who Asks Her Husband For A Donut Doesn’t Realize She’s Being Set Up For A Prank

All day long, Rebekah Eldridge had been craving a donut and a coffee. When she told her partner, funny-guy Reuben James-Flander, he went into the kitchen to brew some hot coffee. For the donuts, however, Rueben had another idea.

He grabbed a few jelly-filled, powdered pastries, set them out on matching plates, and then added an extra ingredient to make them “special.” When he was finished, the donut looked even tastier than before!

So when he brought the donut—secret ingredient included—out to Rebekah she couldn’t help but satisfy her craving with a bite into the sweet, jelly-filled treat. Right away, however, she realized there was something terribly wrong with it… [Credit: ReuBekah]

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