Elephant Calf Is Trapped And Crying For Help When His Herd Finally Intervenes

We’re all born with an innate urge to help our fellow man in times of need. If you’ve ever witnessed an accident, you know that people almost immediately step in and try to assist any way they can.

Remarkably, many animals have the same urge when it comes to members of their own species. Whenever one of them is caught in a situation with potentially dire consequences, others may go to great lengths to lend a paw, hoof, or trunk.

An elephant calf recently found that out in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. When the little guy got stuck in a ditch, he was desperate for help, and his cries of distress quickly reached the rest of the herd. Soon, they banded together to do something really exceptional. [Credit: Latest Sightings – Kruger]

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